Founder Members of GNG Football Club

The beginnings of GNG Football Club started with a group of young Asians aged between 16-18 years from Leicester’s Spinney Hill Park, who were passionate about the game and social inclusion. The young boys got together 3-4 times a week to play football, and before long, dream’t to participate in Leicester City’s football league. In 1969, with the support from the Guru Nanak Gurudwara Sikh temple on Leicester’s New Walk, their dream became a reality, and are what today known as Guru Nanak Gurudwara Football Club. Please see pic 5 ( cutting from newspaper). The team’s commitment and love for the sport led them to participate in division 8 of the City league. Their first landmark game was played at Evington park in Leicester, against Melbourne Hall. Player Inderjeet Heer recalls how GNG were losing the match, when managers Harnek Singh Bains, Nirmal Singh, and Jaswant Singh had the arduous task of delivering their first inspirational speech during half time. Their motivational guidance took the Club to victory with a fine result of 4-3 at full time. G S Punia had scored a hat-trick, and Inderjeet Heer played the memorable last goal which brought GNG their first win. Since then, they never looked back and were promoted and finished third in the league. As the years went on, GNG Football Club was promoted to division 6 that allowed an additional reserve team, which lead to a greater expansion of the Club, and therefore inclusion of other members of the community.

Starting team v Melbourne Hall
Formation 4-3-3
Gurdial Singh (gk)
P Chohan Biri tomani / Nirmal Singh (Big Nim) Balwinder Singh
Amrik Dhillon. Nirmal Singh Mann (Anis) Surinder Singh Gill (Duggi)
Rodney Fernandez. Gurdial Singh Punia. Amrik Singh Tossar
Sukhdev Kubra, Inderjeet Heer, Bhajhan Singh Makh

We at GNG Football Club proudly wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the pioneering work of its founding players, and their contribution to the Club and our community. All past and present involvement, perseverance and hard work by our members will never go unnoticed. Many thanks to you all for kindly sharing your memories, love for the sport, and community, and inspiring us on our onward journey.

Back row
Amrit Tossor, Nirmal Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Amrik Dahlu, Inderjeet Heer , Gurdial Singh (gk)

Front row
Jaswant Singh, Satnam Singh Mann, Balvinder Singh Parmjit Chohan, Amrik Singh Dhillon.
Picture 2, 1975-76 division 3 winners
Back row
Amrik Singh Dhillon, Surinder Singh Gill, Amrik Singh Tossor, Parmjit Singh Sagoo, Tejinder Singh Nijjar, Gurdial Singh (gk)
Front row
Sony, Inderjeet Heer Parmjit Sanghera, Parmjit Singh Chohan, Harvinder Singh Bains, Satpal Singh (Kidd)
Picture 3, 1st game syston tournament
Back row
Biri Tumani, Parmjit Chohan, Tom Sagoo Satpal Singh (Kidd), Amrit Tossor, Amrik Singh Dhillon, Tyson Ambrose
Front row
Parmjit Sanghera, Sukhdev Singh, Bhajhan Makk(gk), Surinder Gill, Inderjeet Heer, Nirmal Singh
Picture 4, London road party after first league championship win ! Left to right
Harnek Singh Bains ,Farooq (coach) Tejinder Singh Nijjar, Karnail Singh Vidhani (chairman), Parmjit Sagoo, Parmjit Sanghera (manager) Amarjit Singh Basra (host of venue), Inderjeet Heer, Gurjeet Singh Samra

Picture 1, 1973/74 city league Division 6 winners

Amrik Singh Dhalu Karamjit singh Attwal ( Singhy)
Amrik Singh Dhillon (Pussy) Parmjit Singh Chohan
Amrit Tossor Parmjit Sagoo (Tom)
Avtar Sangha ( Bhai) Parmjit Singh Rattu
Balvinder Singh (Chicken) Nirmal Singh (Big Nim)
Bhajhan Singh Makh (Bhuji) Nirmal Singh Mann (Anis)
Balbir Singh Tumani (Biri) Raza Mohammed (RAZA)
Gurdial Singh (Gk) Rodney Fernandez
Gurdial Singh Punia Satnam Singh Mann (Todd)
Gurdeep Singh Gahunia ( Professor) Surinder Singh Gill (Duggi)
Gurjeet Singh Samra (Matrick) Surinder Singh Mann (Puppy)
Harnek Bains ( Nicky) Sukhdev Singh Kubra ( Gandhi)
Inderjeet Singh Heer (Marty) Sukhvinder Bains (Suky)
Jaswant Singh (Fosse Football) Tejinder Singh Nijjar (T)
Jaswinder singh Nijjar Tyson Ambrose ( Butta Singh)
Kashmira Singh Kashmira Singh

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